Mountop tells you how to drink water properly for outdoor exercise
Drink water outdoors have exquisite, a few times not passive. When a lot of people participate in outdoor sports, thirsty just can think of to want to drink water, one-time cheer way is cool just stop, this kind of means not only go against outdoor survival, go against bodily function to move more. So how to drink water correctly?
Important to have healthy drinking water cups
The human body needs a lot of water, and we generally drink water to supply the loss of water in the body. Health science always emphasizes the importance of drinking water. However, drinking water is for health, so drinking water also have healthly way. However, people often use disposable paper cups or plastic bottles when they are outside. Are these cups healthy?
Use spring water to clean your face,but leech enter your nose!
Left nose get a nosebleed again and again more than half a month and go to the hospital inspection and found that it was leech (commonly known as leeches) reason.